RNS Student Papers

RNS Student Technical Paper Series Catalogue

All Student Technical Papers are copyright of the student author.

Copies of many of the Student Technical Paper Series are published in the online Ecorestoration Journal housed at the University of Victoria Library.

The following is a list of known Student RNS papers till 2019.


Ashe, Trevor The restoration of mixed grassland/forest ecosystem by invasive removal and trail rehabilitation in Kamloops, BC

Catanzaro, Maria Restoration of Moralea Garry Oak meadow, Metchosin (with Cotter)

Cotter, Sarah Restoration of Moralea Garry Oak meadow, Metchosin (with Catanzaro)

Bemrose, Maddie Silver sagebrush restoration for Greater Sage-Grouse habitat, Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Blenman, Peter Sarrana Creek Restoration Prince George

Benckhuysen, Louise Restoration and expansion of Purple Sanicle habitat, and amelioration of bat habitat in Rithet’s Bog in Saanich, BC.

Harvey, Sierra Himalayan Blackberry Removal in Derby Reach Park (with Martin)

Martin, Alison Himalayan Blackberry Removal in Derby Reach Park, Langley (with Harvey)

Schulz, Christina An evaluation of Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) in the Trincomali Nature Sanctuary to form future management and monitoring strategies

Anderson, Andrew Tetayut (Sandhill/Shady) Creek Restoration:  Removung barriers to fish passage at the PatBay Highway (17) in Central Saanich, BC

Yip, Fern Restoration of the Galiano Conservancy Association’s Project Centre Site

Barrette, Michelle Nature Club – Nature-based after school program offered at David Cameron Elementary School in Sooke School District 62

Esplen, Tyler Invasive Species Removal and Native Revegetation in Highrock Park, Esquimalt: Improving trails and native biodiversity through community engagement

Ironside, Rhia Greenways Trust property restoration, Campbell River

Arrau, Angie McDougall Cairn Natural Area, Calgary Alberta, Habitat Restoration Project Report

Ocampo, German TBA


Voicescu, S. Habitat Restoration Plan for the Vancouver Island Ringlet (Coenonympha tullia insulana) at Rithet’s Bog, Saanich B.C.

Jacob-Schram, Britton Invasive Species Management and Monitoring at the Homer McRae Covenant, Sooke, BC

Teixeira, Davi Restoring watershed impacts of a bauxite mine located south of Sao Luis Island, Maranhão, Brazil

Brouwers, Tanya Desert Society of Osoyoos conservation area?

Le-Goff, Roxanne Rain Gardens

Thomas, Wylie. Towards Restoring and Protecting the Garry Oak Associated Ecosystems and Rare Plants of Uplands Park: A five-year invasive plant management plan (2018 – 2022).

Hall, Donna The Restoration of Two Salmon Spawning Sites in Maple Creek, Port Coquitlam

Marland, Kailee Creating Riparian Habitat Along a Drainage Ditch in the Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Gurney, Stephanie  Restoring native biodiversity within urban landscapes: A community restoration initiative to remove invasive species from an urban forest ecosystem in Esquimalt Gorge Park in Victoria, BC

Davidson, Carole. Restoration of a wetland in Saanich


Spencer, Megan. Forest Understory Monitoring Protocols for Stanley Park Ecology Society Vancouver, BC

Leggitt, Carly. Restoration of wetland systems of Cootes Paradise Marsh and Grindstone Creek Marsh, April – September, 2017.

Skinner, Jake. Restoration Plan for Hutchison Park, Saanich

Teixeira, Davi Restoring watershed impacts of a bauxite mine located south of Sao Luis Island, Maranhão, Brazil

Brouwers, Tanya Desert Society of Osoyoos conservation area.

Redding, Todd Restoration of a Mountain Bike Trail, Three Blind Mice Trail Network, Penticton, British Columbia.

Zanette, Mara. Mapping Knotweed Species Along Rivers in the District of North Vancouver.

Park, Hyeone Monitoring food forests embedded in ecological restoration, Galiano Island, Canada

Peters, Jamie Restoration of Meadow Creek

Sanderson, Tim. Mycoremediation of petroleum  hydrocarbon contaminated soils

Huggins, Adam. Galiano Conservancy Native Plant Forage Forest


  • Kellner, Jessica. Whiskey Creek Ecosystem Restoration in Context to the Agricultural Landscape.
  • Segstro, Wynn. The Re-establishment of Garry Oak Communities and Invasive Weed Control at Garry Oaks Winery on Salt Spring Island
  • Shaw, Marlo. Patagonia Steppe Restoration in Parque Patagonia, Chile
  • Sawatzky, Mattie. A Detailed Look at Scrubby and Woodland Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) Ecosystems, Invasive Species, and Removal of Daphne laureola in an Urban Park Under Development in View Royal, British Columbia
  • Mann, Karen. Grosbeak Creek: Use of Bioengineering Techniques in the Restoration of an Agricultural Ditch at 1020 Beckwith Avenue, Saanich, B.C.
  • Arrau, Anu. A decision matrix for eelgrass restoration.
  • Owens, Andy. TWP520/RR223 Wetland Restoration, AlbertaRedding, Todd. An Introduction to GIS for Ecological Restoration Applications with a Focus on Open Source Software (this is an ER490 report)
  • Darlington, Wayne. Post Wildfire Restoration Plan for Johns Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park
  • Campbell, Crystal. Residential Property Protection and Enhancement Strategy for Streamside and Marine Shoreline Habitat: Lantzville, BC
  • Jung, Candace. A rapid assessment plan to look at high priority target non-native species in Waterton Lakes National Park.
  • Elves, Andrew. Light Regime Survey of Beacon Hill Park (an assessment of potential photic-restoration of passerine habitat)
  • Bodson, Thierry. Sidney Island Spit Restoration Project (Gulf Islands National Park Reserve)
  •  Eaton, Brian. Restoration of an urban wetland complex: the Centennial Wetlands, Sherwood park, Alberta
  • Strong, Robin. Restoration of Rocky Mountain Elk Habitat through Prescribed Burning in Lytton, B.C.
  • Toots, Kelly. Restoration of a Wetland at Todd Inlet.
  • Marsden, Richard. A Study of Industrial Waste By-Products of the City of Kelowna and Okanagan Grape Growers, as a Possible Restoration Enhancement Tool
  • Matthews, Bryana. Habitat Restoration and Blue-grey Taildropper Monitoring at the Prospect Lake Covenant
  • Burgess, Steven. Methodology for Propagation and Growth of Shagbark Hickory (Carya ovata) in a Commercial Tree Nursery
  • Sanderson, Kurtis Rock Bay Site Remediation


  • Connor, Adam. Elkhorn Slough: Restoration of Endangered California Grasslands
  • Hebb, Jenny. Portage Park Restoration Project Management Plan 2015
  • Field, Jeremy. Removal of Black Knapweed at Tower Point (Wittys Lagoon)
  • Beukeboom, Kira. Mycoremediation of a Contaminated Municipal Incinerator Site at Powell River, BC
  • Anderson, Julian. An Invasive Species Management Plan for Cuthbert Holmes Park
  • Hughes, Sara. The Propagation of Black Cottonwoods in the Southeast Woods of Beacon Hill Park
  • Strong, Robin. Restoration of Rocky Mountain Elk Habitat through Prescribed Burning in Lytton, B.C.
  • Stapleton, Alyssa. Increasing Food Security on Haida Gwaii Through Integrating Permaculture Design and Local Food in School District NO. 50
  •  Obrist, Debora. Dune Restoration in Pacific Rim National Park


  • Luck, Zachary. Powell River Incinerator Site Restoration Project.
  • Mahoney, Helena. Fort Rodd Hill’s National Historic Site’s GO LEARN Restoration Project. Defining a Reference Ecosystem and Long-Term Propagation Planning Tool.
  • Breen, Shannon. Restoration of the Yellow Montane Violet Population in Summit Park, Victoria, BC.
  • Sackman, Tim. Gilmour Island (Richmond, BC) Restoration and Monitoring Plan.
  • Clutchey, Jessica. Viaduct Flats Restoration and Invasive Species Management.
  • Houston, Charlotte. Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Non-target species in SGin Xaana Sdiihltl’lxa (Night Birds Returning) Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site
  • Smejkal, Jeannette. Hillslope Invasive Species Removal and Restoration Plan for Neck Point Park, Nanaimo, BC.
  • Zalite, Kristina. The Urban Landscape and the Ecological Functioning Landscape – Can They be One and the Same? A Case Study for a Landscape Design in the Lower Mainland, BC.
  • Dimsdale, William. Plains Sand Pit Restoration Plan for Pit Lake End Use.
  • Hamann-Benoit, Vincent. Participatory Restoration of the Mill Site, Galiano Llearning Centre.
  •  d’Entremont, Natasha. Slim Leaf Onion (Allium amplectens) in Oak Have Park.
  • Landry, Kerri. Mount Royal Park Swamp Characteristics and Amphibian Habitat Protection and Enhancement Recommendations


  • Houston, Charlotte. Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Non-target species in SGin Xaana Sdiihltl’lxa (Night Birds Returning) Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site
  • Kenney, Maryanna. Mycorrestoration: When Mycology Meets Restoration
  • Fisher, Lexi. Cunningham Woods: Restoration Report and Monitoring Plan
  • Evans, Amanda. Ecological Restoration Plan for Portage Park: Recommendations for Restoration and Community Engagement
  • White, Katie. The Timber Crescent Natural Playground Restoration Project
  • Longstaff, Carley. Creating a Terrestrial Ecosystem Map for Woodwyn Farms on the Saanich Peninsula
  • Brubacher, Jordan. Reforesting La Montanita: Creating a baseline study and making recommendations to be considered in the development of a community based micro-watershed restoration plan in Boaco, Nicaragua
  • MacKinnon, Andrew. Restoration of Haro Woods: Designing a Program for University Students to Carry Out On-Campus Restoration
  • Milo, Carol. The Dead Wood Cycle and Forest Restoration in Cuthbert Holmes Park, Victoria, BC
  • Johnson, Dawn. Stewardship Pemberton Society: A Vision for the Future
  • Richman, Carolyn. Haliburton Farm Riparian Mosaic Restoration.
  • Sunstrum, Teren. Grassland Habitat Restoration in Vernon, BC
  • King, Helen. Creating an Urban Food Forest.


  • McCarter, Ross. The restoration of Hobbs Creek’s Reach 8 within the Mystic Valeusing wattling to control erosion.
  • Browning, Ian. Restoration of an Urban Lot
  • Hook, Fred. Ivy Green Victoria
  • Giovinazzo, Giorgio.  Ecological Restoration of Ravenshill Pond: Aquatic invasive Iris pseudacorus assessment and removal
  • Baum, Jori. Permaculture at the University of Victoria.
  • McCarter, Ross. The restoration of Hobbs Creek’s Reach 8 within the Mystic Vale using wattling to control erosion.
  • Arney, Judith. The Terrestrial Restoration Sites of SNITCEL  (Tod Inlet), Saanich, BC: Winter 2009 to Summer 2011
  • Beard, Dick. Restoration of Coastal Western Hemlock Forest at North Piccadilly Park, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Perowne, Eric. Removal of an Invasive Woody Plant Species (Fraxinus ornus) from a Garry oak (Quercus garryana) Ecosystem in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Coleman, Kristina. Restoration at 4325 Blenkinsop Road, Saanich, BC: A focus on removal of invasive Daphne laureola
  • Doucet, Sacha. An Ecosystem Valuation of Mystic Vale.
  • Johnson, Dawn. Engagement strategy for Stewardship Pemberton Society (SPS) Nature Centre
  • King, Ian. Urban yard restoration in Saanich BC:  Transition to a Native plant garden and rain garden.
  • Kronick, Ilana. Watching downtown Victoria’s landscape change.
  • MacKinnon, Andrew. Restoration of Haro Woods, Victoria.
  • Pretzer, June. Restoration of Point Ellice house property.
  • Rokosh, Sonja. Evaluation of re-vegetated drilling platforms to form models for future restoration of tropical mine sites in Panama.
  • Vicente, Megan. Ecological Restoration in the Mystic Vale: Working With and Furthering Past Restoration Efforts
  • Wells, Duane. Canoe Creek Fish Passage Restoration
  • Zalite, Kristina. The urban landscape and the ecological functioning landscape – Can they be one and the same? A case study of a landscape design for a site in the Lower Mainland, BC.


  • Allen, Katherine and Lindsey Welgush. The Southeast Woods of Beacon Hill Park: An Urban Restoration Project
  • Bibby, Gordon. Grassland Restoration in Princeton B.C.
  • Fergusson, Margaret. Stewardship in Action: Native Plant Re-establishment in an Urban Garden.
  • Henderson, Zak. Arbutus Park: A restoration prescription for an eroding urban shoreline
  • Hogg, Karen. Scouts, Ecological restoration and education at Camp Barnard, Sooke, BC
  • Hughes, Susan. Sediment and pollution control in the Esquimalt Dockyards.
  • Jernigan, Ethan. The Restoration of a Douglas-fir/Arbutus Ecosystem after a Conservation Covenant Tree Cutting Violation in the District of Highlands, British Columbia
  • Kantner, Sarah. The Brighton Walkway Garry Oak Ecosystem: Urban Restoration in Oak Bay, British Columbia
  • Kikuchi, Arthur. Backyard Restoration: Management of Invasive Species and a Recovery Plan for a Native Plant Community.
  • Oliver, Hannah. Ecological restoration of the Riparian Ecosystem in Mystic Vale/Hobbs Creek ,Victoria, BC
  • Smith, Marika. An ecological assessment of the Integrity of Tod Creek Flats Property, Saanich, and Restoration of Degraded Soil by Sheet Mulching.
  • Tanner, David. Camas meadow restoration at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site
  • Walker, Andrew. Garry Oak Restoration at 1436 Ryan Street, Victoria, British Columbia
  • Woodruff, Veronica. Lillooet River Watershed Planning Process


  • Pennington, Emily. The Establishment of Entoto Natural Park, Kenya, through replacing the Eucalyptus monoculture Eucalyptus globulus
  • Tichauer, Brian. The restoration of a native species ecosystem in Pemberton Park through invasive species removal of English ivy (Hedera helix)
  • Ball, Cynthia. A Restoration Strategy for Swift’s Ditch, Jasper National Park
  • Fuss, Nick. Leafy Spurge In Prickly Pear Cactus Habitat A Restoration Strategy for Dry Gulch
  • Hunter, Jane. The Garry Oak Plant, Habitat and Ecosystem Restoration Program: Propagation of Garry Oak Meadow Flower Seed.
  • Graham, Leeann. Savenye Environmetally Sensitive Area Forage Fish Spawning Habitat Rehabilitation Project.


  • Barlow, John. Invasive Species Control in the Maplewood Flats Conservation Area
  • Fredericksen, Peter. CN Cheakamus River, BC Km 6.5 side channel Re-watering Project
  • KleinHerenbrink, Jessica. Ecological Inventory and Land Management Plan. 141 Benton Place, Salt Spring Island, BC
  • Bonenfant, Nadia. Stream Restoration in the Devil’s River Watershed – Mont-Tremblant, Laurentian Region of Quebec.
  • Rodgers, Matt. Community-led Agro Forestry in Phra Pradaeng, Thailand.


  • Ditmars, Louise. A Phased-In Re-introduction of Pacifastacus leniusculus to Douglas Creek for Salmonid Enhancement.
  • Constantine, Stacie. Environmental Restoration at Kimbercote Farm, Ontario: Establishing Vegetation in the Waterways and Around the Demonstration Garden.
  • Kwasnicia, Lindsay. Restoration of the Dune Ecosystem at the Coburg Peninsula, Colwood: Through Removal of Invasive Species, Planting of Native Species and Decrease of Human Traffic.
  • Brandes, Oliver. At a Watershed: Ecological Governance and Sustainable Water Management in Canada.
  • Jenkins, Kathy. Fee Creek, BC, Salmon Spawning Channel Riparian Restoration Project.
  • English, Heather. Climate Change and Ecosystem Restoration: Integrating Carbon Sequestration, Ecosystem Restoration and Adaptive Values in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Evely, Alison. Old Field Renovation at Colony Farm regional Park.
  • Gomm, Nadine. Restoration and Fuel Management at the Wildland-Urban Interface: Eastgate, Manning Park, BC.


  • Woolgar, Chris. Developing Permaculture in Sierra Leone. [1] [2] [3] [4]
  • DeHart Jim. Restoration Plan for Recreation Leases on Pitt Lake Katzie First Nation (IR4).
  • Goode, Murray. A School-Based Garry Oak Restoration and Education Project at Royal Roads University.
  • Tubman, Deborah. Reintroduction of Emergent Vegetation in Tod Creek Estuary.
  • Prato, Maurita. Engineered Treatment Ditch and Restoration of Riparian Zone at Corner Farm.
  • Hocguard, Stephen. Restoration of Salmonid Spawning Habitat in Douglas Creek.
  • Miller, Devin. Wildlife Tree Recruitment: A Proposal for Forest Habitat Restoration.
  • Johansson, Eva. Community-based Monitoring of Riparian Vegetation Plantings: A West Kootenay Example.
  • Ward, Erin. Life Ways and Waterways: Eco-cultural Restoration at Scia’new (Beecher Bay)
  • Bonnemaison, Tamara. Replanting More than Divots: Ecological Restoration of a Golf Course in the South Okanagan.
  • Bonenfant, Nadia, Lindsay Kwasnicia and Alexandra Smith. Gonzales Hill Regional Park: Study Site – Restoration of Garry Oak Ecosystem.


  • Buckland, Nigel. Control of Shoreline Erosion at Sooke Reservoir Using Planted Willow Cuttings. February 2006.
  • Joanisse, Sarah. Lee Creek Salmonid Enhancement: Phase I – Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park. March 2006
  • Wheatley, Andy. The Restoration of Aqua Viva (Life Water), Nopolo, BCS, Mexico. June 2006
  • Collett, Joni. Restoring the riparian area on the Whitney-Griffiths Covenant lands out at Witty’s Lagoon
  • Pelletier, Jennifer. Sustainable Forestry on Salt Spring Island – Lessons from Africa
  • McBain, Nathalie. Integrating Ecological Restoration with Agroecology: The Future of Madronna Farm –
  • Willson, Marie-Josée. Restoration of Natural Systems: The Human Connection or as I like to call it, Earthlingism
  • Duke, Bill. Safe Water for Rural Southeast Bangladesh.
  • Duke, Bill. The Influence of Different Sand Media on the Performance of the Biosand Intermittent Slow Sand Filter.
  • Harrop-Archibald, Hilary. Invasive Species Mapping at Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary: A Case Study of English and Black Hawthorn.


  • Mallory, Shannon. Parks, Polygons and People: Using GIS to create an interactive map layer on the CRD Natural Areas Atlas ofRestoration Projects throughout the CRD.
  • Bein, Magnus University of Victoria Garry Oak Meadow Restoration Project
  • Law, Peter; Protecting our Lakeshores for Fish and People: A Toolkit for Protecting both Biological and Property Values on the Horne Lake Shoreline; April 2005
  • Neame, Lisa; Assessment of Garry Oak Ecosystem Characteristics and Habitat Connectivity in the South Jubiliee neighbourhood, Victoria, BC, 2005
  • Ralph, Jeff. Southwest Woods Ecological Restoration Project. April 2005.
  • Rutledge, Caroline. Firehall Creek: A Community Involvement Restoration Project to Improve Water and Habitat Quality for Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii). Langford, BC. April 2005.
  • Carder. Judith. Restoration of Garry Oak Ecosystems Through Removal of Alien Invasives and Planting of Native Species in Cxhatterton Hill Park. Saanich, BC. August 2005.
  • Brown, Jeff. Restoration of Trichloma magnivelare (Pine Mushrooms) in the Second Growth Forests of Jordan River, Vancouver Island. December 2005.


  • Grant, Simon. Ecological Factors Contributing to the Growth of Reed Canarygrass Phalaris arundinacia at Swan Lake/Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary, Saanich BC; August 2004
  • Willson, Marie-Josee. Restoration of Natural Systems: The Human Connection; April 2004
  • McNeely, Marha. Garry Oak Ecosystem: 931 Foul Bay Road. June 2004.
  • Maltby, Francis L. Southwestern Alberta Foothills Beaver Project: Channel Cross-section Survey and Thalweg Measurement on Crooked Creek. March 2004.


  • Munson, Thomas. St. Mary’s Reserve Ecosystem Restoration Planningfac; April 2003
  • Talero, Bilberta. Exotic Plant Removal Assessment of Simms Creek, Campbell River, B.C.; April 2003
  • Iachetti, Pierre. Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) Ecosystem Restoration at Ardmore Golf Course, North Saanich, B.C.; April 2003


  • Bedford, Derek. Goward Springs B Watershed: An Assessment and Demonstration Restoration; 2002
  • Thomas, Patty. Wood Debris Removal from British Columbia’s Lower Fraser River Marshes: An Analysis of a Complex Restoration Issue; July 2002
  • Spencer, Fran. Having It Both Ways: Habitat Rehabilitation and Storm Water Management in an Urban Setting; February 2002
  • Stillinger, Edward. Native Plant Community Restoration Keating Trunk Pumping Station; April 2002
  • Dickson, Lindsay. Management Plan for the Lindsay-Dickson Nature Reserve, Denman Island. April 2002.
  • Pelan, Andee. Planting the “Idea Seed” of Ecological Restoration: The Effectiveness of Television as a Medium for Spreading the Environmental Message,. April 2002.


  • Kotilla, Wendy. Carnation Creek Community History Project; May 2001
  • Turner, Carissa. Restoration of Native Bee Populations in Victoria, BC; March 2001


  • Chicanot, James. An Interest-Based Approach to Dispute Resolution in the Field of Environmental Restoration; April 2000


  • Yates, Richard. An Ecological and Hydrological Survey of the 10.2 ha Garry Oak Preserve Known as “Benvenuto” Park, Central Saanich, BC. April, 1999.
  • May, Nicholas. Environmental Restoration Program at Bush Creek Bridge. Trans-Canada Highway, Oyster Bay I.R. #12. Vancouver Island, BC. March 1999.


  • Bruce, Ian. Ayum Creek Estuary and Environs: A Preliminary Restoration Report.