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Ogden Point – the BOOK!

Ogden Point Odyssey; Breakwater, natural history, people and activities is available at fine establishments in Victoria, including our friends at the Ogden Point Cafe (best bet for the book, a great ocean view, a warming drink and a great stroll), Munro’s Books, Crown Publications (you can order online from them too) and Sorensen Books. It’s [Continue]

Hear ye, hear ye! Community Action at Ogden Point

Ogden Point is well-loved by many individuals in Victoria who are drawn to the wealth of experiences available here. Some of them have formed community groups to share the adventure or work together to beautify the location. Here are some of the groups and their achievements. Ogden Point Enhancement Society The Ogden Point Enhancement Society [Continue]

Cuddly critters

This little fellow was dashing along the rocks at Ogden Point Breakwater on Saturday. Mustela vison evagor Hall is the subspecies of American mink native to Vancouver Island, according to Ian McTaggart-Cowan and Charles J. Guiguet’s classic BC Provincial Museum-published manual, The Mammals of British Columbia (1965). There’s some debate about whether the mink that [Continue]

People and Things at the Breakwater

The kilometre-long breakwater is a place people go to relax, explore, take in nature or to reconnect with themselves. The lighthouse at the end of the breakwater is a popular destination. People often stop to admire the little lamp that plays such an important role in keeping ships away. The lighthouse itself frequently sports a [Continue]

Trains and Boats and Planes

Victoria Harbour–including Ogden Point–is a busy place. During the summer season dozens of cruise ships visit, several a week and sometimes three at once. They’re on their way to or from Alaska. The regular vessels, though, are the two pilot boats that go out and meet the large freighters travelling through the Strait of Juan [Continue]