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Urban Habitat Quality Index Article

I developed an Urban Habitat Quality Index to help identify a threshold between functional resilient communities and those that have not yet achieved the biodiversity and inter- and intra-species relationships to be functional. The index was developed while I was on a sabbatical in Oxford, UK, and was in part inspired by an article on [Continue]

Moments in Nature: A Journal

Moments in Nature: A Journal is the title of the living document version of Beyond the Pail – a 270 page book with its own ISBN. I continued to add more stories to the original book. To distinguish it from the completed Beyond the Pail I gave the new evolving expanded version the new name [Continue]

Resilience Thresholds in Urban Habitats

When returning to sites that we restored it was clear that in some of them the plants had survived but they were not forming communities. We were essentially landscaping with native plants rather than restoring natural areas. This raised the question of was a planting a functioning system and when was it just ornamental. On [Continue]