Author: anny

Ogden Point – the BOOK!

Ogden Point Odyssey; Breakwater, natural history, people and activities is available at fine establishments in Victoria, including our friends at the Ogden Point Cafe (best bet for the book, a great ocean view, a warming drink and a great stroll), Munro’s Books, Crown Publications (you can order online from them too) and Sorensen Books. It’s [Continue]

Sidney Spit Summertime Scenes

On July 26, 2009, in the middle of a rare heat wave, we took a field trip organized by the Victoria Natural History Society to Sidney Spit. The night before there was an unusual (for these parts) electrical storm which included even more unusual orange-coloured skies at sunset–probably resulting from the forest fires in the [Continue]

Celebrate and Support Biodiversity

The United Nations has proclaimed 22 May 2009 International Day for Biological Diversity (AKA Biodiversity) to commemorate the adoption of the Convention on Biological Diversity and increase awareness and understanding of biodiversity issues. The term biodiversity was coined by E.O. Wilson and refers to “the variety of living things, including diversity within species (genetic diversity), [Continue]