Life at Ogden Point

Talk at the Maritime Museum of BC, Sun. March 12th at 2 PM. Poster

Ogden Point Odyssey
A presentation by Val & Anny Schaefer

On the breakwater, the awe-inspiring waves of Juan de Fuca Strait surround us and we are struck by the contrast of underwater marine life with the life above. Initially we may have been drawn to the breakwater for a moment of quiet in our busy lives or to enjoy a very personal (some would say spiritual) connection with the world. In their book Ogden Point Odyssey Anny and Val Schaefer describe what you would see if you looked more closely and saw that the breakwater is in fact a very busy place.

Join Val and Anny Schaefer for a presentation about Ogden Point breakwater and experience the emanating power, timelessness and majesty of its simple granite and concrete form with its red and white beacon at the point invites that inspires us to experience something truly unique.

Regular admission rates apply; Adults $12, Students & Seniors $10, Free for members. Limited capacity.

Val Schaefer studied ecology, ethology, ornithology and ecology. He taught biology for 25 years at Douglas College where he also co-founded the Institute of Urban Ecology. He is currently an instructor at UVic. Val is an expert on the subject of urban biodiversity and has developed unique perspectives on restoring urban land-scapes. He’s the senior author of Urban Biodiversity: Exploring natural habitats in the city.

Anny Schaefer grew up in Southern USA where she enjoyed exploring the outdoors, communing with insects, turtles and crayfish and plants. She has a background in communications, economics and public policy.

Together Val and Anny have edited several books.

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