People and Things at the Breakwater

The kilometre-long breakwater is a place people go to relax, explore, take in nature or to reconnect with themselves. The lighthouse at the end of the breakwater is a popular destination. People often stop to admire the little lamp that plays such an important role in keeping ships away. The lighthouse itself frequently sports a fresh coat of paint, mainly to hide the latest graffiti that seems to appear regularly.

On a sunny day or if there is a special event the causeway can be packed! It was standing room only during the mock cannon battle held off the point during the Tall Ships Festival in June 2008.

There is usually something going on at the edge of the water or in the water. Usually someone is trying their luck with their favourite lure to pull something edible from the water. However, they are mainly after the fish and wisely leave the divers to themselves.

The breakwater can also be a place for quiet reflection. Shown here is one of a number of chalk epitaphs written in tribute after the sudden death of a young person in Victoria.

Sometimes Ogden Point serves as a staging area for special events. The large parking area used to be used to store lumber for export and now receives imports of pleasure boats, cars and thousands of tourists from cruise ships. It’s also the daytime home of horses who pull carriages around James Bay (controversial to many who feel that horses and cars don’t mix) and is also a good place for organizers to assemble a parade. A particularly fun event is the Island Equipment Operators Christmas truck parade when owners of dozens of large rigs deck them with lights and drive off along Dallas Road into the city and beyond to Langford. Be warned that taking pictures of these beautifully adorned vehicles is very tricky, especially if you don’t know what you are doing, like we didn’t (see the rather abstract impression below). Better portraits of the ‘winners’ can be found at .

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